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GestalTM XM

The feed intake Monitoring System for Nurseries and finishing Barns

Ideal tool for collecting data in relation with your pigs feed consumption.
You can know exactly the feeding tendencies of your pigs.





  • Collects all necessary information to analyze the results for groups,
    feeding programs, treatments, genetics, sexes, etc.
  • Indicates when to change feeding phase; which allows a substantial saving on feed costs
  • Gives an instant look on pig consumptions when producers are doing
    changes on feed formulations or when feed management changes.
  • Automatic printing of reports



GestalTM XM is a computerized feeding system for nurseries and finishing barns.
It continuously collect and compile feed intake data for each pen and for each barn as a whole.


  • A motorized auger accurately distributes the feed in a continuous mode.
  • Supplied with a sensor allowing to know whether or not there is feed left in the reserve.
  • Equipped with a reserve containing up to 220 lbs (100 Kg) of feed.

Keyboards with indicators to

  • check feeding strategy
  • verify the components of the feeder itself


  • Easy to use
  • Real-time monitoring of the feed intake for each pen and for the herd
  • Automatic control of the feeding programs
  • Fast detection of the pens with low feed intake (possibility to detect diseases)
  • Fast modification of the feeding program for each pen and for the herd
  • Possibility to use many analysis parameters depending on what you need
  • Data available for analysis with excel spreadsheet
  • A lot of features can be completely controlled through the computer


  • Simply connect GestalTM to a regular 120Vac or 220 (depending on your territory) outlet and it takes up its duty
  • Gestal communicates with the computer using a wireless network: reliable, easy to install, easy to move, easy to replace, easy to service...
  • Can be installed on every type of feed distribution system and is adapted to receive more than one type of feed (many feed distribution lines can fill it in)


  • Evaluation courtesy call before installation
  • Installation
  • Training and usage recommendations
  • Technical assistance. On request, an experienced technical consultant can periodically communicate with your computer to analyse the functioning and the use of your system. He or she will be able to assist you in your goal to reach the best possible performance
  • Technical support 365 days a year
  • Experience in pig production