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Computerized Feeding System for Farrowing Sows

GestalTM SOLO Effect: Improving sow's body condition and milking capacity by offering continuous meal during the day in order to increase sow's daily feed intake.

Indeed: GestalTM SOLO allows you feeding your sows many times per day, in a very precise and continuous way.
By giving many small meals in a day to the sow, GestalTM allows reaching an increased daily intake.
Therefore, the sow produces more milk for the piglets. Furthermore, this maximizes intake and milk production while forbidding the sow to diminish her body reserves (vitamines, fat and muscles).
By eating enough vitamines, fat and minerals, sow has enough body reserves and energy for next parity.  

Benefits for the Sow

  • Always fresh feed
  • Sow's fed to satiety, according to her appetite
  • Feeding by small quantities, on request
  • Increase of the feed intake without metabolism problems
  • Faster detection of any problems by the employees of the farm
  • Reduction of weight loss and fat loss during lactation
  • Better performance after weaning, during insemination and the next litter
  • Longer lifespan and lower culling rate
  • Better milk production

Benefits for the Producer 

  • Elimination of the human factor in the feed distribution during lactation
  • Sows are fed properly 365 days a year during lactation, in a very constant way, 24h/day
  • Fast detection of sows with low feed intake
  • Important decrease of food wastage and better hygiene in the crate (up to 20% in some cases)
  • Easy to adjust the feeding curve and the mealtime schedule
  • Sows are calmer, therefore less crushed piglets
  • Management adapted to sows with bigger appetite
  • Technical support available by remote connection to the PC modem
  • Easy to use and manage


Sows are asking their meals through the electronic agitator. They will obtain it, in many small portions, in order to maximise digestion.
A sow not asking for her meal will not receive any, avoiding wastage and sending an alarm to the computer telling you that this particular sow has not eaten.
The portions, feeding curves and schedules of the meals are managed according to the specifications of the farm manager, through the computer, reducing risks of mistakes, when come to apply the sows' feeding strategies.


  • Can contain up to 11 kilos (24 lbs)
  • Motor equipped with a turn-counter which can precisely calculate feed (+/- 3 grams)
  • A motorized auger accurately distributes the feed in small portions.

Keyboard with Leds to

  • Identify a sow in a crate
  • Check and modify feeding strategies
  • Check the appropriate functioning of the distributor as well as the electronic trigger
  • Clearly show when a sow is eating less than the acceptable limit fixed by the manager of the farm

Electronic trigger

  • The sow asks for her next portion of feed by moving the electronic feed trigger with her snout
  • The electronic feed trigger (installed at the bottom of the trough directly in water and feed) is not accessible to the sow if covered with feed, avoiding feed wastage
  • The sow must empty the trough to activate the electronic feed trigger.


  • Easy to use
  • Real-time monitoring of the feed intake for each sow and for the herd
  • Automatic or personalized management of the feeding curves
  • Fast detection of the sows with low or high feed intake
  • Fast modification of the feeding program for each sow and for the herd
  • Possibility to use diversified feeding curves depending on the type of the farm; familial, commercial, or research centers
  • Feed intake analysis for each sow, for a group, ...
  • A lot of features can be completely controlled by the computer.


  • Simply connect the feeder in a regular 120Vac or 220V (depending on your territory) outlet and it takes up its duty
  • The feeder communicates with the computer using a wireless network: reliable, easy to install, easy to move, easy to replace, easy to service...
  • The feeder can be mounted easily on the crate door over the through or on the tubing of the feed delivery system, it suits every building type, crate door and feed delivery system.


  • Evaluation courtesy call before installation
  • Installation
  • Training and usage recommendations
  • Technical assistance. On request, an experienced technical consultant can periodically communicate with your computer to analyze the functioning and the use of your system. He or she will be able to assist you in your goal to reach the best possible performance
  • Technical support 365 days a year
  • Experience in pig production