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GestalTM Software

Willing to be as most simple and user-friendly as possible 

The GestalTM Software allows a fast and detailed personalization for each sow, a graphical and table-formated analysis of strategies and individual or group consumption, the possibility of a daily automatic adjustment of the feeding strategies, and much more.
The "Error" mode of the software is allowing to rapidly identify network problematics (ex: in case a unit is unplugged).





  • Easy to useReal-time monitoring of the feed intake for each sow and for the herd
  • Automatic or personalized management of the feeding curves
  • Fast detection of the sows with low or high feed intake
  • Fast modification of the feeding program for each sow and for the herd
  • Possibility to use diversified feeding curves depending on the type of the farm; familial, commercial, or research centers
  • Feed intake analysis for each sow, for a group, ...
  • A lot of features can be completely controlled by the computer