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GestalTM 3G

Innovative Group feeding system for gestating sows

GestalTM 3G, the innovative feeding system for gestating sows in groups, offers many advantages compared to other existing systems (ESF, free access stalls and short stalls).
Not only in terms of sow management, but in animal well-being as well as system cost.
This system allows inexpensive individual feeding for sows in groups (25% less), diminishes competition for access to feed and facilitates training compared to ESF systems. 

Each GestalTM 3G feeder can provide for up to 20 sows, giving each individual sow the amount of feed corresponding to her personal feed intake. This way, your gestating sows are kept healthy and round until they are ready for farrowing.




  • Self-training of sows
  • No pneumatics
  • Easily adaptable to any barn size
  • Creates a stress-free environment with calm sows
  • Independent and autonomous feeder that operates even when your computer doesn’t
  • Multi-station installation
  • Precise and personalized meal distribution

  • Easy to use
  • Real-time monitoring of the feed intake for each sow and for the herd
  • Automatic or personalized management of the feeding curves
  • Fast detection of the sows with low or high feed intake
  • Possibility of using diversified feeding curves depending on farm type (familial, commercial, or research center, etc.)
  • Easily performs analysis of feed intake for each sow, a group, or the entire herd
  • Gestation software integrated with the lactation software
  • Many more features can be controlled directly from the computer
  • Simply connect the feeder in a regular 120Vac or 220V (depending on your territory) outlet and it takes up its duty.
  • The feeder communicates with the computer using a wireless network: reliable, easy to install, easy to move, easy to replace, easy to service...
  • Evaluation courtesy call before installation
  • Installation
  • Training and usage recommendations
  • Technical assistance. On request, an experienced technical consultant can periodically communicate with your computer to analyze the functioning and the use of your system. He or she will be able to assist you in your goal to reach the best possible performance
  • Technical support 365 days a year
  • Experience in pig production