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Installation and Service


  • A team of technician is following you from the very beginning, at the installation and start-up
    for an appropriate training and an optimal utilization of the system.
  • During the system installation in your farm, we proceed to or assist you from our office for the GestalTM system start-up.
  • When our team leaves, the system is functional and can already feed your sows. We also train you and your team for an efficient use of the GestalTM system. 
  • From this moment on, you benefit from a continuous follow-up from our technical team, by a remote access to your computer, or by phone.
  • Your sows' daily intake are looked at regularly.
  • After one month of working with the system, we log on to your herd's computer for a 2nd training allowing you to master the software and all its features.